Helping Your HVAC System From The Outside In

While it's important for you to make sure you have your home well insulated so you can keep it at a comfortable temperature efficiently, it's also a good idea for you to take extra steps around the outside of your home that will help even more. Follow some or all of the tips in this article to heat and cool your home more efficiently.

Plant shade trees

Have trees brought in and planted in your yard strategically so they will grow to offer shade to the sides of your house that take in most of the direct sunshine during the daytime. You do want to make sure you keep the trees pruned so the branches don't rest on the rooftop, where they can damage the surface in the wind or cause pests to nest there.

Have the windows tinted

You should also have a reflective tint put on your windows so the sun reflects off the tint instead of beating through the windows and heating the house while you are trying to cool it. The tint will also add a little bit of extra insulation to the windows that will help keep the home at the temperature you are trying to achieve.

Install awnings

Installing awnings that come down far enough to provide some extra shade to the sides of your home can also help you to beat the heat during those hot summer months. These can be used instead of planting trees in some areas, but keep in mind the trees are great because they also help to provide you with shade in your yard so you can enjoy sitting outside when it's hot.

Take care of your HVAC unit's outside component

If you have a central air conditioning system, then you want to be sure you take care of the outdoor unit. The area around the compressor should be clear of debris and overgrowth. You should also provide it with shade so the sun doesn't beat down on it and cause it to wear out faster than it should. It's also important for you to have an air conditioning repair technician come out and inspect your unit annually. They will go over it and make sure it is good to go for the up and coming season. Make sure you stay on top of the register filter, cleaning or replacing it regularly so the AC doesn't work harder than it should.

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