Considering The Best Placement Of Your Outdoor AC System

If you want a central air conditioner installed on your property through a place like Nova Air Conditioning & Heating, then you will need to consider where the AC unit itself should be installed. In general, installation decisions are made to find the best location for the AC condenser. This is the outdoor part of the unit, and you should start thinking about placement before your HVAC professional arrives at your home. Keep reading to learn about a few tips that can help you.

Look For A Shady Spot

If you want to experience energy efficiency and good cooling ability during the hottest days of the year, then your condenser should be placed in a shady part of your property. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This means that the east part of your home will receive direct sunlight in the morning, but not in the afternoon. Since the afternoon is when you will most likely be using your AC unit and also when you will experience the hottest temperatures, a unit placed on the east side of the home is a good choice. 

If you have overhangs on your home or roof ledges that add some to the very edge of your home, then this means that the overhangs should create shade when the sun is directly above your home. This is the sunniest part of the day and shade protection mid afternoon is advantageous.

If you do not know which side of your home is facing east, then simply use a compass to figure this out. You can also take a quick look at the latest survey that was created for your property. Surveys almost always have a compass rose printed on them to identify direction.

Consider The Location Of Your Heating System

You may know that air conditioners are two part systems that often use the blower and the other components of your heating system to regulate temperature and air flow. This means that the outside unit needs to be directly attached to the inside one. Specifically, the coolant line needs to run from the outdoor to the indoor unit. This line is a copper one that carries the compressed coolant indoors. The copper tubing is expensive, so you want the outdoor and indoor units to sit relatively close to one another. 

Also, the pressure of the coolant can reduce if it needs to travel a long distance. This greatly reduces the ability of the coolant to work properly to bring cool air into your home. 

Look in your basement to see exactly when the heating system is located and find the closest outside wall. This is likely the area where the outdoor unit should sit. 

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