What To Expect When You Have An Air Conditioning Unit Added To An Older Home

When you move into an older home, there may not be an air conditioning unit in the home. Many older homes were not built with air conditioners in them because they were not available at the time of the build. Having window air conditioning in the windows is not a very affordable way to cool the home because they use so much electricity, which can make your electrical bill go through the roof. The guide below walks you through what to expect when you want to add an air conditioner to an older home.

The Home Will Need to Be Inspected

Before anything can be done to the home, it will need to be inspected for asbestos. Asbestos was used in many older homes because it was a very inexpensive material. Unfortunately, it has been determined to be a hazardous material that has to be removed from a home in a very specific way, if it is going to cause as little harm as possible. If there is asbestos in the home, it will need to be removed before any work can be done to the home.

Determine the Right Size Unit for Your Home

The HVAC company that you hire to install the air conditioning unit will take the time to determine what size unit you need in order to be able to keep your home cool without having to run the unit nonstop. If you do not purchase the right sized unit, it will not be able to work as efficiently as possible.

Have Ducts Installed in the House

Next, the HVAC team will have to install ducts into the home for the air to travel through. If you already have heating ducts in your home, the company may be able to marry the new ducts with the old ducts so that the installation can be done as quickly as possible. If not, the ducts will need to be run through the attic and into each room of the house.

Once the ducts are installed and the unit is hooked up, the HVAC team will install the thermostat and check everything out for you. The air conditioner should be able to start cooling the house in a very short period of time. If you have a very large house, you may need to have two thermostats installed to ensure that every level of your home can be kept at a comfortable temperature.

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