Why The Filter On Your Air Conditioning Unit Seems To Get Dirty Quickly

It is recommended that you change the filter on your air conditioning or HVAC unit every 30 to 90 days. The frequency in which a filter needs to be replaced varies based on the type of filter, how frequently your system is used, environmental factors where you live and whether you have pets. If you notice your filters are filling up within weeks of replacing them, you may find yourself wondering why they get so dirty so quickly and where there is anything you can do to extend their life a bit. Here are a few of the reasons why the filter or filters on your air conditioning unit seem to get dirty quickly. 

You Run Your Fan Continuously

Your air conditioning unit has two settings for the fan. The first is a manual on/off setting and the second is an automatic setting. The automatic setting means that the fan in the air conditioning unit automatically turns on to blow cold air into your house when needed based on your thermostat settings. The manual on/off setting allows you to circulate air in your through the fan system if your home starts to smell funky, you burned dinner or you just need a little more air one day. However, some people turn the unit to on without realizing that the fan will constantly push air into your home. The air that is pushed into your home goes through the filter, which causes it to fill up faster. If your fan is set to on all the time instead of auto, your filter will fill up faster. 

You're Using a Filter With a High MERV Rating

The higher the MERV rating of a filter, the smaller the particles it can trap. Those who have allergies suffererers in their home may opt for these filters as they are able to trap more allergens. While this is a good thing, the downside to MERV filters is that they fill up faster than filters with a lower MERV rating. This is because those filters don't trap as many particles. If you have a filter with a higher MERV rating, you can expect to have to replace it faster than you would if it had a lower MERV rating. 

There is an Extreme Heat Wave

The last reason why the filter on your air conditioning unit may seem to get dirtier faster is because there is an extreme heat wave. When there is an extreme heat wave, your air conditioner or HVAC unit is running more frequently than it normally does. It is pulling in more air and pushing it through the filter. This alone will cause your filter to get dirtier faster than it normally does. 

Most professionals recommend you check your air conditioning filter every 30 days. If the dirt and dust extends to the pleats or fins, it is full and should be replaced. If it is not full, you can leave it in place for another 30 days. If you find that you used to be able to go 90 days between filter changes and now you are having to change it every 30 days, and you have ruled out the above reasons, it is time to call in an air conditioning professional. Your air conditioning unit may need to be replaced or it may be struggling to pull in air. Either way, the unit should be examined and maintained or repaired. 

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