3 Tips For Air Conditioning And Heating Maintenance In The Fall

As the season changes and the weather gets cooler, maintenance to your HVAC system is important. Throughout the fall months, there will be different maintenance that will be needed for both your heating and cooling systems. Here are a few tips to help ensure your home stays comfortable as the weather changes:

1. The Hot Days of Early Autumn and Maintaining Your AC

Even as the nights get cooler during the early weeks of autumn, you still need to use your AC during the heat of the day. There is maintenance that is needed during early autumn, such as changing filters and keeping the AC unit clean and free of debris. As summer comes to an end, there may be some repairs that your system needs during the early autumn months. Contact an HVAC contractor to help with some of the early autumn maintenance.

2. Maintenance Needs as Leaves Fall and You Use Cooling Less

As the weather gets cooler and the days shorter, leaves fall off trees and you will be using your cooling less. This is a good time to turn off the AC and do a thorough cleaning of your outdoor unit. The leaves and other debris that get inside the unit should be removed to prevent damage. If you are going to winterize your AC, give the unit a good cleaning and turn off the AC before covering it for the winter months. When doing winterizing your AC, make sure that it is clean, dry and air can flow through when it is covered.

3. Late Fall Maintenance to Get Ready to Use Your Heating

In late fall, the weather will be getting cold and you will begin to need heating. First, you will want to do the last maintenance and weatherization of your AC. You will also want to start with cleaning the furnace and doing maintenance to heating at this time of year. In later fall, it is also a good time to have the ducts of your HVAC system cleaned, which will help reduce that burnt smell that you get when the furnace comes on for the first time. Cleaning the ducts will also help your heating and cooling to work more efficiently.

These are some tips to help with the maintenance of your AC system as the weather changes during the fall months. Contact an HVAC service to help with maintenance and repairs that are needed as the weather gets cooler and you begin to need heating. 

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