About Your Home's Water Heater

Learning about your water heater can help you to keep it working how it should longer, so you won't end up spending needless amounts of time and money on repairs that could have been avoided. Here is a short guide to get you started on learning more about your water heater.

Watch the temperature - When it comes to your water heater, a good rule of thumb is to make sure you never have it turned up to a hotter temperature than you need it to be. Having the temperature up higher than necessary will cause your water heater to work more than it has to, putting more wear and tear on it and costing you more on power bills. It also increases the chances of someone getting burned by water, such as a small child who doesn't know to test the water carefully.

Watch for new noises – It is normal for you to hear the unit kick on when it starts up. You will get used to this sound, which almost sounds like a swooshing sound. However, not all sounds that come from the system are innocent. If you suddenly start to hear a popping sound out of the water heater, it is a sign that there is sediment collecting in the water heater. You should have the water drained from it to avoid clogged lines and other problems with the unit in the near future.

Learn about resetting your water heater – If you go to turn on the hot water in your home only to find that cold water continues to come out of the taps, then you want to check the easiest areas of concern before you allow yourself to worry that the issue may be serious. The first thing you should do is check the fuse box and make sure the fuse didn't get tripped. Once you verify this is not the issue, then you want to locate the reset button on the water heater itself. If the red reset button has popped out, then you will need to push it back in. Doing this should get your water heater up and running again.

When to call for help – Anytime you don't feel you are up to the task of troubleshooting and/or taking care of any issues going on with your water heater, you need to get a professional out to take care of it. Don't continue to run a system with unknown issues. This can be dangerous and costly; it can even lead to you needing to fully replace the entire water heater if the problem becomes serious.

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