Keeping Your Business Cool This Summer: Commercial HVAC Maintenance Musts

If your business relies on summertime business, you aren't likely to get the job done if you can't keep your cool. Having a functional commercial HVAC system, however, is start. Ensuring that your business's HVAC system helps you keep your cool this summer requires some preventative maintenance.

Here are 4 tips commercial HVAC services recommend for their clients:

Change Your Filters

Your commercial HVAC system's filters are relatively cheap (considering the considerable cost of the system) and replacing them is relatively easy. When you overextend the life of your HVAC filters you restrict the flow of air through the system. This not only reduces the efficiency of the system (costing you in extra energy costs) but it also overworks the HVAC system. If you aren't sure how to replace the filters, scheduling the filters to be changed regularly can pay for itself over the lifetime of the system.

Sealing Heating and Cooling Ducts

An HVAC systems is a giant set of industrial lungs with the power to blow wonderfully cool air into your business even on the hottest days. Imagine how much harder it would be if some asked you blow up a balloon with a hole in it. A similar thing happens when your HVAC system's heating and cooling ducts aren't properly sealed. Sealing the air ducts will improve the efficiency of the system (saving you $ in reduce energy costs) and reduce the strain on your HVAC system's blowers and motors.

Outside Cleaning

Many people forget that HVAC systems are impacted by things outside the system. Plants, shrubs, trees can reduce the airflow the system needs to function properly. Additionally, dirt and grim caked onto the system can create unneeded insulation that will make it run too hot. Clearing away any plants or debris and power washing the HVAC's exterior can improve efficiency and reliability.

Pressure Test

Your HVAC unit utilizes power compressors to generate cold air. Over time, these compressor will inevitably wear out. One way to know if your compressors are functioning properly is to have them pressure tested. Pressure testing by a licensed HVAC contractor is cheap and provides reliable data about the overall health of your HVAC system.

Maintaining your HVAC system might be the most important thing you do this summer. These tips can help you keep your system running smoothly all summer, which will help you, your employees, and customers stay cool all summer.

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