Getting Maximum Performance From Your Heating System

A heating system that is not operating at peak efficiency can make it difficult or impossible for you to keep your home within a comfortable temperature range. In particular, homeowners will need to prepare their home's heating system during the fall and early winter months.

Appreciate The Need To Bleed Radiators

If your home is equipped with radiators, they will need to be bled before using them for the first time each year. This will remove any excess air that may have accumulated in the radiators during the summer months. When this air is not removed from the radiators, it will severely impact the flow of heat through the system. Most radiator systems will have a small valve that can be used to bleed out any excess air, but you will want to consult your system to make sure you are correctly following the steps for your system.

Improve Overall Air Circulation In The Home

Poor air circulation can have severe impacts on the performance of a heating system. Stagnant air can cause the warmth to be isolated to areas in the immediate vicinity of the radiators or vents. Ceiling or box fans can be some of the most cost-effective ways of improving air circulation in a home. For the maximum effect, they will need to be angled downward as warm air will rise and get trapped.

Clean Any Vents Or Exhaust Systems

If you have a gas or oil burning heating system, an exhaust system will be necessary. However, homeowners can allow the exhaust vents to become extremely dirty, which can prevent them from working as intended. Thoroughly cleaning this part of the system is vital for both the efficiency of the system as well as the safety of your family. Depending on the location of this vent, you may want to consider trimming branches or bushes to provide as much clearance as possible.

Check For Drafts Near The Radiators Or Vents

Drafts are the most common source of performance problems for a heating system. In particular, drafts near radiators or vents can be highly impactful on the efficiency of the system. This is due to the fact that these drafts can rapidly cool any of the warm air that is coming from the vents or radiators. If you find drafts near these parts of the heating system, caulk can be a simple and effective way of stopping the drafts. Additionally, it is possible to color caulk so that it will be discrete.

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