Common Heating System Performance Issues

Being able to address the types of problems that a heating system is most likely to encounter is an important skill for homeowners to have. Despite the complexity of modern heating systems, you aren't helpless when it comes to figuring out what might be wrong with your systems. Here are some of the symptoms of some issues that these systems are likely to encounter. You can try to repair some of these situations yourself or contact heating repair companies for help.

Intense Squealing

Intense squealing coming from the system when it is running can be a major indication that there is a problem with the heating system. In particular, a loud squealing noise is usually associated with the belt for the unit's primary fan being damaged or otherwise at risk of failing. Generally, heating systems will fail fairly soon after this noise starts due to the belt snapping or sliding out of alignment. For this reason, you should make sure to have the heating system serviced at the first possible opportunity. Otherwise, your system could be at a greater risk of failing during extreme winter weather, which could put your comfort and safety at risk.


Unpleasant odors from the heating system can be another common issue that will be experienced. These smells can travel throughout the home, and they might result in your family experiencing discomfort. It is normal for a heating system to produce some odors when it is first activated due to the presence of dust on the heating elements or burners. However, these smells should pass within minutes.

Unfortunately, mold and other issues can cause persistent odors to occur when the system is running. A thorough cleaning and sanitizing will be required to eliminate this problem, but this work can be done quickly when needed so that your heating system experiences as little downtime as possible.

Insufficient Heat Production

A heating system that is not producing enough warmth for the entire house can be an issue that will need immediate attention. There can be any number of reasons for the performance of a heating system to suddenly fail. For example, gas heating systems can experience fuel flow problems that can severely impede their ability to generate heat. Conversely, electrical heating systems can have heating elements fail, which can lead to an immediate and substantial decrease in the amount of heat the system is producing. In addition to the system failing to generate heat, it can also be possible for the thermostat to be preventing the system from working. If this is the case, the repairs can be extremely simple, and homeowners should start evaluating this situation by first testing the thermostat.

You may be able to find some of the reasons why your system isn't working if you look for these signs. Whatever your situation, you can contact a company that offers heating repair services in order to get professional help making sure that your heating system is working correctly.

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