Blower Problems Are A Common Reason You May Need Furnace Repairs

A common type of furnace repair you might need is when the blower develops problems. The blower is what circulates warm air through the system and out of the registers to warm your house. If the blower isn't working at full capacity, your house may stay chilly. Here are some things that can go wrong with a blower and the type of heating repairs you may need.

Causes Of Furnace Blower Problems

The blower is powered by a motor and electronics. Dust is one thing that can cause problems with the blower motor and eventually cause the blower to stop working. If dust causes the motor to overheat, the electronics can be damaged, and that can lead to a breakdown of your furnace. A capacitor is an electronic part that's a common cause of furnace failure. While you have limited control over the failure of the furnace electronics, you can keep dust out of the furnace by changing the filter regularly.

A dirty filter leads to blower and blower motor problems, and the problems the dust cause could be prevented through regular filter changes. Poor airflow due to a clogged filter, dust clogging the motor and blower, bad electronic parts, bad bearings, or even a worn belt could all cause the blower to stop working.

Signs Your Furnace Blower Needs Repairs

If the blower in your furnace is malfunctioning, you'll know it because your furnace won't heat your home as well as it should. The airflow may be weak or erratic. You might notice a burning smell if the motor overheats. There might even be unusual noises when the capacitor is going bad or when the bearings are bad or poorly lubricated. If you have an old furnace, it may have a belt drive motor, and if the belt goes bad, you might hear screeching noises.

Repairs A Blower May Need

The first thing a heating repair contractor does is pinpoint the problem. The motor may need to be replaced, or it may need new bearings or a new belt. Electronics may need to be replaced, or the blower and motor may just need to be cleaned and lubricated. These simple repair steps are usually part of annual maintenance for your furnace, and if you keep up with maintenance, you might avoid a breakdown and the need for repairs.

If you suspect your furnace has a blower issue, or if your furnace isn't working right and you don't know why, call a heating repair service to check your system. It's not good to operate a furnace that isn't working right because it could overheat or stop working, and that would make your problems worse.

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