Why Is Your Heating Bill So High? What You Need To Know

During this chilly winter season, you want to ensure your home's heating system is functioning well and heating your home optimally. You may notice an increase in your heating bills during winter. This is fairly common since you are using your heating system more frequently. However, if the increase is especially high, it indicates there may be a problem. Here are some examples of possible issues that can increase your heating expenses.

You Didn't Do Pre-Winter Maintenance

HVAC contractors typically recommend that homeowners have their systems inspected and maintained at the start of the fall or winter season and again at the beginning of spring or summer season. The goal of the maintenance checks is to ensure the system is ready for heavy use for the season. Just prior to the onset of winter weather, you should have your HVAC contractor out to check your heating.

During the check, the contractor will ensure all the parts are in proper working order, look at the outdoor unit, and clean the system. This is the time when issues are identified and taken care of. If you do not have this maintenance done, there is a chance you will miss a problem that can cause your system to not function properly and ultimately not warm your home adequately. This often means a higher heating bill because the system has two work harder to provide your home with enough heat.

Your Insulation Is Not Efficient

A home requires insulation to keep warm and cold air contained inside the house. If the insulation is inefficient, the heat will leave the house rather than staying inside. This means your heating systems have to be on continuously to warm your home. If your insulation is a problem, it needs to be replaced. While this will be an expense, it will ultimately pay for itself once you start saving money on your home's heating costs.

The System Is Inefficient

If you have an older HVAC system, chances are it is not efficient when heating your home. Older model HVAC systems use much more energy than the more energy-efficient models available today. You will ultimately get a better value if you install a newer system. Although a new HVAC system is an investment, it is worth considering, particularly if your current system is old. Not only will you have a more optimal heating system with lower heating bills, but you will also save money on the eventual repairs the older system will need.

For more information on heating installation services, contact a local HVAC technician.

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