All About AC Filters: Questions That Need Answers

If you are a responsible homeowner, you pay careful attention to all those little rules associated with properly caring for your home's air conditioner (AC). One part of good AC maintenance is being mindful of the air filter. This one little component has a major job to do, but it is so easily neglected. Take a look at a few general questions about AC filters and the answers you should know. 

How often should you really change your filter?

The United States Department of Energy recommends a filter change about every month or every other month during the seasons you use your air conditioner to stay cool. If you have a combination heating/cooling system, you should plan to change the filter just as frequently throughout the year. 

Are the reusable filters a good investment?

Reusable air filters can be a good investment. They save you money over the long term and reduce how much waste your home produces. You can clean these filters and get multiple uses out of them. However, it is important that you are proactive about cleaning this filter as needed. Since the filter can withstand more use without breaking down, it is easy to neglect it and not clean it, which will compromise air quality and make it hard on your AC. 

What situations require you to change your filter more often?

You may have to change your air filter more often if you have pets in the house, smoke in the house, or have someone in the house who is really sensitive to allergens. Some people simply choose to change their filter once a month as a general rule in these situations, but even then, it can be good to give the filter a look every few weeks. 

Is it OK to use the fragrance pads on your air filter?

The fragrance market is huge, and there are all kinds of ways that you can utilize your home's AC to generate nice odors. One of the more modern options is these pads that are coated with essential oils that you place directly on your filter. As the air gets cycled through, the fragrance is sent out through the vents. The only downfall to these products is they can essentially block a section of the filter. You can save some money and achieve the same thing without blocking the filter by adding a few drops of essential oil to the filter itself. 

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