The Air Conditioner Replacement Guide To Repairs And Improvements

When you have an old and outdated AC, the best solution to deal with problems is often replacement. Before you have the air conditioner replacement done, there may be repairs and improvements that you want to plan for, such as repairing or updating ductwork, making the new system a zoned HVAC design, and installing smart thermostat controls for a modern and efficient cooling system. The following air conditioner replacement guide will help you plan the repairs and improvements that you need when you replace your AC:

Evaluating The Damage To Ductwork

The first thing that you are going to want to do when you are planning on replacing your air conditioner is to evaluate the ductwork. If the ducts are still in good condition, you may be able to keep most of these materials. You may need to do repairs to some of the ducts that may be damaged or have air leaks that cause energy loss. In addition, if you are adding to the service and installing automated dampers for zoned AC designs, there may be a few changes and improvements that need to be done to the existing ductwork.

Planning To Change Your Old AC To A Zoned System

One of the options that you may want to consider for the new AC that you have installed in your home is a zoned AC design, which will provide the cooling to different areas of your home, rather than cooling the entire space at once. With the addition of automated dampers, the zoned HVAC design can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home. Zoned designs can also include modern smart HVAC thermostat controls.

Consider The Different Options For High-Efficiency And Heat Pump AC

There are different options for the type of AC you have installed to replace the outdated condensing coil unit. Today, there are options for high-efficiency AC units that are designed to be ready to connect to renewable energy like solar panels. There are also options for heat pump AC systems, which can provide energy-efficient cooling and heating for your home during the winter months.

Updating Your Home With Zoned And Smart Thermostat Controls

Today, there are also options for more efficient thermostat controls that can be installed in your home. These controls can be part of the zoned HVAC design and provide cooling to individual areas with their own thermostat and the main control panel. These systems can also be smart thermostats that help improve energy efficiency by memorizing setting preferences over time and adjusting the programmable setting automatically to maximize the energy efficiency of your system.

These are some of the repairs and improvements that you will want to plan for when you get ready to replace your old AC. If you are tired of constant repairs and need a new system, contact an air conditioner replacement service, and talk to them about the repairs and improvements that need to be done when the new system is installed.

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