Four Signs You Need AC Repair

Although most of us are heading into the cold months of winter, that doesn't mean that your air conditioner won't still give you problems. In fact, if you already know that something is wrong with your air conditioning system, then now is the perfect time to schedule an air conditioning repair service, since most HVAC companies are busy working on furnaces instead.

Still, many people may not be aware that their systems need any kind of attention at all, and will be surprised when they turn on their air conditioner in the Spring only to find that it has stopped working completely. Below are four signs that you should schedule an AC repair service sooner rather than later. If you notice any of them, contact an HVAC company to set up an appointment.

Rooms Not Cooling Properly

The older you your HVAC system gets, the harder time they will will have trying to heat and cool your rooms. Normally, this results in an air conditioner that won't be able to send cold air to the farthest parts of your house, creating cold and warm spots throughout your home. In some cases, this can be fixed by a simple tune-up, whereas in others, you might need an entire replacement. Either way, it's a good idea to schedule an AC repair service and see what the contractor thinks might be the problem.

Weird Noises and Smells

If operating perfectly, your air conditioner won't make any noise at all except for a gentle clicking sound when the system turns on and off. If it's rattling, screeching, or making a clicking sound however, it needs attention immediately. Furthermore, any weird smells, especially a mildewy smell that is coming from your air vents, requires prompt attention. Mold can form within 48 hours and can cause a number of health issues to you and your family.

AC Blowing Warm Air

Warm air coming from your furnace is normal, but warm air coming from your air vents whenever your system is switched to "cool" is another matter entirely. Normally, this means that your condenser coils have frozen over, or it could be that your refrigerant level is low. Either way, these are both issues that require an HVAC contractor to fix, so make sure you contact one instead of trying to tackle this yourself.

Unit Not Turning On

Although you won't need your air conditioner during the wintertime, you will certainly need it once the temperatures start to rise, so make sure that it's still operational even when dormant. If it won't turn on, check the breaker box and see if a switch has been flipped; then, check the thermostat to see if its malfunctioning. If neither of those are the problem, it might be an issue with your connection to the energy source, which can be dangerous and possibly illegal if you use gas. Either way, an air conditioning repair service should have it up and running in no time. Get air conditioner repair today. 

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