3 Indicators You Need Mold Removal For Your Air Ducts

Every homeowner understands that it is important to keep their HVAC systems in good shape at all times. However, few people understand the exact practices to follow to keep dust and other harmful things from their system. Also, many people assume that as long as you have filters in your HVAC, you will not have to worry about dust and other debris getting inside the system. 

Sadly, dust and moisture always find their way inside air ducts and encourage mold growth. The mold will release spores inside the ducts, spread throughout the house, ruining the air quality. Here are three main indicators that you have mold in the system and need removal services.

When the House Smells Must

Your house can smell musty when you have mold on any part of it. However, if you have looked for mold on every corner of the house and cannot find it, check the HVAC system. Any of the mold in the ducts is distributed throughout the house when you turn the system on.

Therefore, if you have noticed that your house becomes extremely musty when you turn on the AC, you have to get a professional to check the ducts. Removing the mold growing inside the system will remove the musty smell from your home. 

When Your Family Keeps Getting Sick

Another way to tell that you might have mold in the system is when your family members keep getting sick. Mold causes allergies in many people. Symptoms of mold allergies include sneezing, teary eyes, and general irritation of the throat. 

Some types of mold, like black mold, are also extremely poisonous, and once you come into contact with them, you will suffer severe health complications. Call a professional to assess the type of mold in your system to avoid complications.

When the Ducts Have Stains

Another way you can tell that you have mold is when it is visible inside the ducts. Mold forms dark brown and black stains inside the air ducts. The presence of visible stains indicates that you have an advanced stage of the infestation. 

Call the professionals to clean the ducts and restore healthy airflow inside your home. They will change the filters and repair the conditions that might have led to mold growth.

Having clean and healthy air inside the home is crucial. Call professionals to remove mold from your air ducts as soon as you notice you have it. They will remove mold and restore health in the home. Contact a mold removal service for more information. 

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