Three Intriguing Air Conditioner Horror Stories: Keeping The Ghosts And Ghouls Out Of The AC Before Halloween

It's that time again when ghouls and ghosts pop out of every corner shouting, "trick or treat!" They can also pop out of the mechanical systems installed in your home. Have you ever thought about what happens when your central air conditioner breaks down? The damage caused by faulty AC is more than just limited to the hot summer season. It can happen any time of the year, so homeowners should be knowledgeable about how they can avoid the following air conditioning horrors:

Nasty Mold and Air Quality Problems

One of the first horrors that you could find in your AC is mold growth. This can happen for a few reasons, but it can be a serious issue if it is inside the air ducts. The mold starts growing inside the ducts due to condensation, which can form if a duct line is not well-insulated. Condensation that forms on other areas of the ducts can also cause problems with mildew and mold. In addition to things growing inside the ducts, there can also be problems with the air quality that can start with the system not being cleaned. These dirty components can cause damage to the AC and affect the air quality in your home. These issues don't go away on their own and will continue as you start using your heating during the colder winter months.

Faulty Electrical Components That Affect HVAC Systems

Other horrific AC problems that you should be aware of before the cold winter months set in are electrical issues. These problems can start out as something small like a frayed wire or short circuit that begins with the system tripping the breaker frequently. Shorts are a hazard that you want to have an AC technician fix as soon as you notice a problem. In addition to short circuits, components like AC capacitors can go bad and cause the heating to not work either.

Damaging HVAC Leaks That Cause Hazards and Water Damage

Finally, the problems with AC leaks may not be something you think about too much, but they can be hazards that need to be repaired immediately. Older systems need to be checked to make sure there is no refrigerant leaking from them. In addition, the problems with condensate lines, pans, and other drainage connected to your AC system can become damaged and leak. These components can cause serious water damage and mold problems that can grow out of control if you don't deal with them immediately. If water is left in condensate drain lines over winter, it can freeze, and you might not notice the problem until next spring after it has already caused severe damage to your home.

You can help prevent these horror stories from happening in your home by taking action early on. That's why it's crucial to have the AC serviced before Halloween. Contact an AC repair service to fix these issues and ensure the nightmares don't return next spring.

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