Keeping Your Air Condition System Running Correctly With Regular Maintenance And Care

Maintaining the air conditioning system in your home is not overly complex. Hiring an air conditioning service to check it over once or twice a year is an excellent way to ensure you catch any problems before they become worse. You can handle some AC system maintenance items yourself, but a certified technician should do seasonal checkups.

Basic Maintenace

Essential AC system maintenance includes cleaning and filter replacement on most systems. There are several air filters in the system that the air passes through before entering the AC system and before entering the ductwork in your home. The goal is to keep the air clean so dust and other contaminants do not enter the house. 

The filters are easy to change on most ac systems, but if you are unsure where they are, your air conditioning maintenance company can show you how to change them when performing the seasonal cleaning. 

Most home centers and hardware stores carry filters for standard-size units, and many of them have additional filters for removing larger contaminants, pollen, and other irritants from the air before it enters your home. If you are unsure which filter you need, the old filter has a size printed on the edge, and once you get to the store, someone there can help you select the filter you need. 

Belts And Fans

Most home AC systems use several fans to move air through the system, and these fans can be belt-driven. Checking the belts regularly is essential. The system maintenance should include belt, fan, and motor inspection to ensure all the parts are in good condition and functioning correctly. 

A broken belt can lead to a system freeze-up and several days of having an inoperable AC in your home. While the belts are not typically something the homeowner can change, the maintenance company servicing the system should check them every time they open it up. 

Vent And Duct Cleaning

Dirt and other materials that get past the air filters in your home's AC system should be cleaned as part of your AC system maintenance. You can clean the vents in the room with a good quality static duster that will remove the dust and dirt from the louvers and face of the vent. 

Cleaning the ductwork is more complex and is best left to a professional dust cleaning service. The dust and dirt in the ducts need to be captured as it is cleaned off the walls, and often a professional cleaning service will use a positive pressure system to ensure they are not filling your home with the debris. 

The recommendation for most homes is to clean the ducts every few years to ensure they are clear and the air can flow through them smoothly and efficiently. Talk to a local AC system maintenance company about the condition of your ducts and if they need cleaning. 

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