AC Repair Tips For A System Not Cooling Properly

Residential AC systems need to be working optimally in order for homeowners to cool down their homes effectively. If you currently have a system that isn't providing enough cool air, here are some repair tips to focus on.

Check the Condenser

The part of your AC system that's on the outside is the condenser and it can sometimes get blocked with things like dirt and debris. If it does too much, that can inevitably affect the type of cooling performance you're about to get out of a residential AC unit.

If this is the culprit, you can easily tell by going out and inspecting the condenser up close. Check the coils and interior portion of this component. If these parts are dirty, then you'll need to clean them before starting your AC unit again. Sometimes that's all you need to get back optimal performance.

Assess the Age of Unit

Every AC unit will reach the end of the line at some point. A unit that's well-maintained and used regularly should last for around 12-17 years on average. If your system currently isn't providing enough cool air, then consider the age of said system. If it's nearing the end of its life cycle, that's probably why this cooling problem is happening.

The only way you can address this issue long-term would be to replace the AC unit with a new or newer system. If your unit still has some years to go before it needs to be scrapped, put extra effort into maintenance and professional assistance. 

Continue to Monitor Temperature Levels

Whatever repairs and restorations you perform to your AC unit to get it cooling properly again, you should continue monitoring the temperature levels. You need to make sure your AC system is sending air through the vents at the proper temperature. 

Either you can test these temperature levels using a temperature gun yourself or you can just have a technician do this when they service your unit. They'll check the temperatures around the ducts to see that your AC unit is working properly. If the ranges are below normal, you'll know to make further adjustments.

If you have an AC unit that's currently struggling to send cold air in, you want to investigate this problem further and ideally put together a repair solution quickly. Then you'll get more enjoyment out of this appliance since it's bringing your home down to the appropriate temperature levels.

For more information on AC repair, contact a professional near you.

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