Warning Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Furnaces keep the indoors warm during cold seasons. In this regard, ensure that your furnace is in good condition to ensure indoor comfort. However, furnaces are susceptible to tear and wear over time. Hence, furnace repair may be necessary. But when is the right time to perform furnace system repair? Here are the indicators.

Rotten Egg Smell

Some furnaces use natural gas as their power source. Since natural gas is odorless, manufacturers usually add a mercaptan chemical that smells like a rotten egg for easy gas leak detection. Hence, if your indoors smell like a rotten egg, this indicates a gas leak from your furnace. The leak may be due to holes or cracks in your heating system. Gas leaks are dangerous as they increase fire risks. Fires can cause property damage and burns to victims. Also, gas leakage causes gas wastage, increasing the gas consumption costs of your furnace. Therefore, furnace repair is essential to seal the gas leakage points.

Dusty Furnace Vents

Furnaces have a fan that filters the air entering the heating system. The filters eliminate contaminants like dust, dander, and debris. However, if the filters break down, they may not be able to filter the air efficiently. If you notice dust accumulation around the furnace vents, this is a sign of a filter problem. In this case, furnace repair entails removing the debris that may be blocking your filters. Also, if your filter is broken, a repair professional can fix it, ensuring proper air filtration.

Insufficient Warm Air Supply

If there's no warm air coming from your furnace vents, this indicates that your furnace is not working efficiently. For instance, the combustion system could be experiencing issues. Also, if your heating system releases insufficient warm air indoors, this could be due to the blockage of furnace vents. Your heating system repair service should inspect your heating system to identify the cause of the issue and provide a solution.

Increased Energy Bills

If your heating system is electric, you should monitor its electricity consumption. When you notice an increase in energy expenses, this may mean that your furnace system has malfunctioned. Damaged furnaces strain to keep your home warm and consume more energy, resulting in unusually high energy bills.

The indicators of furnace repair include dusty furnace vents, insufficient warm air supply, increased energy bills, and a rotten egg smell coming from your heating system. Consider hiring heating system repair services when you notice these signs.

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