Air Conditioning System Maintenance That Keeps The Condenser Coil Working Optimally

There are several parts of your air conditioner that need to be maintained properly so they have a lower risk of breaking down or not working optimally. For example, the refrigerant coil in the condenser needs to have air conditioning system maintenance done annually.

You might perform some services yourself, but a licensed AC technician should check your air conditioning system regularly too. Here are some things that keep the condenser coil operating properly.

Open Up Bent Fins

The fins on the side of the condenser are on the back of the condenser coil. As long as the fins are open, air can circulate freely. Warm air needs to escape the condenser, and one way to do that is to blow out the fins.

The fins are thin strips of metal that bend and flatten easily. If several fins are smashed or if they are clogged with debris, air won't circulate and the coils won't cool down as they should. One thing an air conditioning system maintenance technician does is open up bent fins if your condenser has them.

Clean Dirt Off The Coil

The condenser coil is outside, so it can get dirty, but it can also be cleaned when it rains. However, it will probably need to be scrubbed clean regularly. This gets dirt and grime off of the copper coil line. When the line is coated, heat can't escape the coil and the refrigerant in the coil can't do its job when it cycles back into your house.

Cleaning the coils is an important maintenance step the AC technician may do once a year and that you might do later in the season if you feel comfortable doing so.

Ensure The Condenser Fan Operates Properly

The air conditioning system maintenance technician will test the condenser fan and service it if needed. It might need to be cleaned or parts may need to be replaced if a part stopped working while sitting all winter. If a problem is found, it might be in the contactor, capacitor, or fan motor.

However, your fan may start up just fine and not need any type of preventative repairs. It's important that the condenser fan works optimally because it's responsible for blowing air across the condenser coil and cooling it off before the refrigerant moves on to the compressor.

Preventative AC maintenance is well worth the trouble and expense. An AC tune-up isn't usually too expensive if no damage is found, and it gives your AC equipment a good start on the cooling season and a lower risk of breaking down in sweltering hot and humid weather.

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