Reasons You Shouldn't Skip Annual Furnace Maintenance

There is a reason why HVAC experts recommend annual furnace maintenance. Regrettably, some folks think it's wise to skip yearly maintenance. They assume that doing so will save them money. Unfortunately, they don't understand the dangers of failing to maintain their furnaces. Here is why you must not skip annual furnace maintenance.

High Heating Costs 

Your heating costs are bound to increase if you fail to maintain your furnace annually. The furnace will encounter difficulty trying to achieve the set temperatures. That's why you'll find your furnace running longer than usual. And, as you know, the longer it runs, the more energy it consumes. Eventually, your heating bills will go up gradually. So, you'll use the money you have saved to pay the high energy bills.

Low Efficiency

Your furnace will still function normally even after you skip annual maintenance. However, the efficiency will not be the same. The furnace will take longer to heat your space; even then, it might not achieve the temperatures you want. As such, you might end up enduring some very brutal winters because of your mistake. Preventive maintenance helps keep your furnace performing at the top level throughout its life span.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

People who skip furnace maintenance run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Unfortunately, most folks don't know that carbon monoxide poisoning is a thing, so they won't know that their furnace is emitting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas. And as you know, high levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal. 

You'll be protected from such occurrences by scheduling annual furnace maintenance. The technician will confirm that the heat exchanger is intact and there is no possibility of carbon monoxide leaks.

Low Life Span

It's obvious that your furnace will have a short life span if you neglect it. Most people who skimp on maintenance lose their furnaces pretty early. They don't even attain half of their expected life span. So, if you want to get value for money for your furnace, you must take maintenance seriously. There is no way your furnace can last long if you neglect it. So, don't hesitate to go big on maintenance.

Furnace Breakdowns

Do you know that the lack of maintenance contributes a lot to furnace breakdowns? So, if you have been wondering why your furnace keeps malfunctioning, you have the answer. Some components need to be serviced annually to prevent them from breaking down. So, if you fail to schedule annual tune-ups, you'll have to deal with recurring malfunctions.

Contact a local HVAC service to learn more. 

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