4 Unusual Sounds A Failing Residential AC Unit Makes And What They Mean

A well-maintained air conditioner should function efficiently and help create a comfortable indoor environment in your home. However, the cooling appliance may sometimes malfunction and become unreliable. Remember that it has several components like fans, evaporator coils, drains, and compressors, which can develop issues when you least expect it. Of course, your residential AC unit will show certain signs indicating it isn't in good shape. For instance, it may make loud or strange noises, meaning it has developed a problem that an AC repair technician should fix. Here are four strange sounds a failing air conditioner can make and what they mean.

Squealing Sounds

An air conditioner that makes squealing noises isn't in good working order. The noises are sometimes high-pitched, meaning the cooling appliance has developed a serious problem. This problem mainly occurs when the compressor coil has too much air pressure, causing the AC unit to strain. Actually, the appliance may even fail if you don't seek timely AC repairs. However, don't handle the problem yourself because it's much more dangerous. Instead, let a trained technician handle it because they have the required equipment and skills.

Buzzing Sounds

Your AC system may not be making a squealing or banging sound, but it may sometimes make a buzzing sound. Air conditioners make different buzzing noises for different reasons. Usually, most of them make these noises when the coils and filters are dirty and need professional cleaning. However, if the sounds persist after cleaning them, loose parts, unbalanced fan blades, or refrigerant leaks are to blame. In this case, an air conditioning repair technician should inspect the system and repair the problematic parts or components.

Banging Sounds

Banging sounds also indicate that all isn't well with your residential AC unit. An air conditioner can make a rattling or banging sound if its fan blades are loose. In this case, the blades are thrown around as the appliance operates, causing banging sounds. It could also make similar sounds if the compressor coil is damaged or loose. Moreover, you could hear a banging sound from the cooling appliance if the blower is unbalanced. But since you may never know the exact cause of such strange noises, invest in professional AC repair to avoid further damage.

Clicking Sounds

Clicking sounds are sometimes quite normal for most electronic appliances like air conditioners. However, you know something is amiss when these noises persist and get louder. Usually, a residential air conditioner makes a clicking-like sound when its thermostat begins to fail. You could also experience such noises if some of its electric parts are faulty. Of course, the problem aggravates when you dismiss the issue and overlook professional AC repairs. 

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